Free Poker Training

To get poker training for free at Cardrunners, Deuces Cracked, PokerPwnage, PokerVT, LeggoPoker, or BlueFirePoker all you have to do is sign up for a free account and follow the 4 steps below.

Step 1: Select a poker site you do not have an account with and select your free poker training gift.
Step 2: Download and make a qualifying deposit using the bonus code given.
Step 3: Enter in your details so we can track when you are finished.
Step 4: You finish your requirements and we send you a email letting you know we are shipping your free gift to you with detailed instructions on how to claim your free poker training.

If you have any issues please use the email button below the free training program.

PokerTrainingGuide offers great support via email. For any questions regarding your account or promotions please feel free to click on the above link to email us your question directly. We are ready to assist you with any concerns at any time by just simply clicking on the support buttons.

Email: To contact us via email please click on the email Icon and fill out the form. Please provide your First/last name and email address listed in your account so that support can quickly find you in our system.

Known Issues: If you get a red “0″ error with your email address when you try to sign up for an account please try using another email address that isn’t connected to your account.

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