Real Poker Training Review

Training of Poker Game

Real Poker Training Review

Real poker training aims at introducing new poker players on the online platform to innovative instruction methods. Taking place of pride as one of the original online training sites, the training focuses on taking players to the next level. It uses material from gotskillz and the pro players from NSXT2.

Membership options

  • Monthly fee for full access
  • Payment options on Poker site transfer for FTP and UB, PayPal and Visa’
  • Access to mentors and guest pros
  • Video streaming
  • Hands-free replayer
  • Forums

Video varieties such as:-

• 24 freezeout videos

• 31 Rebuy videos

• 12 final tables videos

• 15 Sit-N-Go videos

• 8 Heads up videos

• 12 cash games videos

• 22 5 card draw videos

• 17 Omaha videos

• 10 basic lessons videos

• 11 specialty lessons videos

• 8, Limit Holdem videos

• 5 Amateur player cricket videos

Release schedule – N/A. trainees can expect new videos every week

Real Poker training focuses on tournament play through the use of videos conducted by professional players. Non-playing videos are also available for topics such as taking notes, ICM calculations, and Poker Tracker training and beginner lessons.

Cash games

6 max – NLHE

Video content from gotskillz on a Euro site and other video content

Full ring – NLHE

Pro players conduct the training sessions.

Multi-table tournaments (MTT)

Pro players conduct the training sessions

Most of the video selection comprises of MTTs. NSXT2 instructors conduct the session, and you get separations from rebuys, freezer, final table play, and Heads-up. The stakes are higher, but you also get access to some low limit tourneys; (mostly rebuy videos). The professional instructors go into a lot of detail when explaining the different moves.

Sit N Go (SNG)

Pro players conduct the training sessions

Users get access to a wide range of video content and topics in areas like discipline, increased aggression, identifying opponent mistakes, and tilt, to name a few.

Other games

Pro players conduct the training sessions.

Players get access to mostly Pot Limit High games on Omaha, as well as fixed limit and hi/lo videos. The videos are for relatively low limits, with an exciting mix of cash games and MTT. The instructors give an introductory lesson on HORSE videos, Razz and Stud. Entity. RPT allows users to improve their Draw poker game, which, unfortunately, does not receive too much exposure. The platform trumps other sites on high quality 5 card draw videos and starts you off on the right foot with the 5 card draw system.

Real Poker Training Review: ratings


The audio quality is the biggest weakness with the Real Poker training videos. It is unclear and could be as a result of mic feedback. This is one area that needs significant improvement.

The roster also needs some improvement. You also do not get much in terms of playing style, with over 95% of the videos going to the primary instructors. Some of the instructors are no longer participating, while some have come on board. We can only hope for more in the future. Another major shortcoming is that users cannot view the multi-table videos that are too small for clear visibility.


The video quality is excellent, which is surprising due to the audio quality. The only challenge came up when the developers tried to put more than 1 table in the video. It goes without saying that they had to shelve the project because it was clearly not working.

Choosing videos or instructions is very easy using the menu selection. It gives you a quick way to access whatever you need. Users also get access to some fantastic articles written by the instructors. They cover a wide range of topics, including pot odds, bluffing, bankroll management, pre, and post-flop play, to name a few. Another excellent bonus is Real poker training at a lower price point.

Real Poker Training Review: is it worth the hype

The training comes in at a friendly price point, and they consistently give out specials that you will not find at any other training site. Some of the specials include monthly fees at half price, zero initiation fee, and Bluff magazine annual subscription, among others. Even if you sign up at the regular price, the training is definitely worth the money you will spend.

We would give it a rating of 7.5/10

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