Pokerzion Review

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Pokerzion Review

What makes PokerZion so unique is that it assigns professional poker players to each member. The Professionals will guide and mentor members through iron lion trading. Initial member assessment is through a questionnaire for the identification of gaps requiring training. Each member will then get learning modules, practical and theoretical testing. Other than reading, learning videos play a critical role in helping members apply the concepts and theories they learn.

Once a player signs up the Poké, they get an automatic upgrade to Red Chip level. Other than a trial account, Red chip gives members access to excellent content such as forums, 10 Poker videos, interactive poker video trainers, and quiz results analysis.

Membership options available

• White chip

• Red chip

• Green chip

• Free Black chip


One time and monthly fee options

  • Over 150 videos
  • Streaming options
  • Hand replayer
  • Forum access

Payment options include Pokémon site transfer for Absolute and Star, PayPal and credit card

Access to mentors and pro players



Video learning

46 training videos

Three release schedule videos

Six new videos monthly for black and green chip members

PokerZion boosts a well-rounded video library. Unfortunately, it only focuses on NL Hold Em and has no mentoring videos for mid-stake gamers. With the steady growth in library content, we can only expect better in the future.

Cash games videos (Pros 6/10)

• Members get access to a wide variety of videos ranging from long to mid stakes in the NLHE (No-limit hold Em 6 Max)

• Full Ring for low to mid stakes

• Heads up for low to mid-stakes and the chance to play Pros

• Limit old Em (LHE) not available at this time

• Multi-table tournaments (MTT)

Some excellent videos here include Sunday million, EPT qualifiers, and multi-table tournaments, to name a few. Mentors teach members tricks to overcome the high stakes and get to first place position or cash awards. Bubble, early, and cash levels get a lot of emphases. Some tips for winning include premium hands play, pockets, pairs, and hand position playing. Also, expect lessons in value extraction, hand ranges, and note-taking.

Sit and Go (SNG) 7/10

Videos may be minimal and can be a bit costly, but the content is more than sufficient. You get access to turbo, full Ring, heads up SNGs, playing in the money, early and bubble play, how to steal blinds, and TAG play. Other areas include value extraction, note-taking, and hand ranges.

Other games (0/10 – N/A Review

What we do not like

The video library is minimal, but we see significant expansion efforts. Popular Pros are also not available, but the instructors who are available handle the job quite effectively.

What we like

There is a lot of focus on hands-on training to make new members winning players. The mentorship is very strong, and the use of videos is unique and effective. New players are encouraged to play a part by using multiple-choice questions, which earn you a score. In this stage, the instructor pauses the video to give the player time to answer. Further, the instructors explain specific actions once play resumes. They also incorporate the use of non-video tests. Your mentor receives the results and sets up a review session for further discussion.

We also like the real back session that utilizes Skype 4 conversations with mentors. The members get to watch the winning players in action and participate in chats and workshops. The comprehensive learning system and the application of both theory and practical lessons are especially useful.

PokerZion review: Is it worth the hype?

New and intermediate players have a lot to gain through the PokerZion training program. Advanced players may benefit from the value it gives in terms of refreshers or plugging specific gaps. The ability to interact with proven winners and get mentorship is also a strong selling point. Players can ask the winners questions as a way of enhancing their skill levels. With the growth that is currently ongoing on the site, advanced players may get access to more valuable material in the future. The iron lion program places PokerZion ahead of many of the training sites currently available.

Based on this PokerZion review, we predict that with more content in the library and videos, they could very well fight for a place as one of the top training programs in the world; If not the best!



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