A Comprehensive Review of PokerXFactor

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A Comprehensive Review of PokerXFactor

Hello reader, welcome to the comprehensive PokerXFactor review. In this review, you’ll learn more about PokerXFactor e.g what it is, how to access it as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. With that said, let’s get started with a simple definition of this service.

PokerXFactor is simply a website that teaches members how to play the game of poker like professionals. Constituting of successful poker players who serve as tutors or instructors, this platform gives you an opportunity to break into the realm of poker by acquiring the skills of those who have made it in that very world. The platform is chock full of engaging videos, lectures, quizzes, histories, and forums that all contribute towards building your poker skills.

How to Join PokerXFactor

To become a full member of PokerXFactor, you’ll have to part with a one-time initiation fee of $149.95. Then there is a monthly renewal fee of $24.95. Please note that the initiation fee covers the first monthly fee you are expected to pay to access the full services offered by the website.

PokerXFactor Pros

A few things make PokerXFactor an enticing poker training website, making learners prefer to other alternative training websites:

  1. Learn How to Play Both Cash Games and MTT Games from the Pros

PowerXFactor offers plenty of instructional videos illustrating how to play and win cash games such as “No-Limit Hold’Em 6 Max,” and “Limit Hold’ Em Full Ring.” Apart from that, you also get access to multiple videos illustrating how to play MTT(Multi-Table Tournament) games. Do not forget that videos are created by talented and well-known poker players, giving you an opportunity to discover their winning secrets.

  1. Make Money Doing What You Love

If you are reading this PokerXFactor review, I presume that you love playing poker or at least you would like to get started with this game. Whichever the case might be, you have an opportunity to make money doing what you love. You can play poker and win good prize monies. All it takes is talent and/or certain acquired skills to be able to make money, assuming that passion is a constant. What if you don’t have talent? Does it mean that earning from poker is out of the question for you? The answer is; absolutely NOT. Here is where PokerXFactor becomes even more useful by passing topnotch skills associated with some of the world’s most legendary players on to you. With these skills at hand, you can be sure that you’ll be winning your poker cash games and tournament games for money.

  1. Impressive User Interface

Something else that we like about PokerXFactor is the website’s well thought out layout that makes the training platform quite convenient and simple to navigate. Because of that, users can search for a specific video or instructor without effort. Plus, the website also keeps track of the contents you’ve already watched. That ensures you don’t accidentally find yourself watching them again in the future when you still have plenty more videos lined up for you.

  1. Outstanding Audience Engagement

With the recent acquisition of PokerFox, a similar poker trainer site, the PokerXFactor community has grown quite significantly and continues to do so with resourceful instructors who are also notable players of the game and passionate learners like you. This makes the interactions between the two groups through occasional forums quite engaging and beneficial especially for those who would like to become established poker players in the future, like you. Remember that it’s not only the instructors that liven up the forums but also big-name players will make impromptu online appearances from time to time to take part in the discussions. Because of that, there is no telling who might appear in the next forum. It might just be your idol player whom you never even imagined you could interact with them online.

PokerXFactor Con

Even after learning a few positive aspects of PokerXFactor, it’s important not to forget that everything has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, so is this platform for training poker learners or people who would like to enhance their game skills;

  1. Poor Video Release Frequency

The notable disadvantage of PokerXFactor is how they release their video series, which are unfortunately split into parts of 40-60 minutes each. For video series consisting of multiple parts, you might have to wait up to 30 days for the subsequent part to become available. By the time it does so, you pretty much don’t remember quite well what the instructor discussed in the previous episode.

Final Verdict

PokerXFactor truly serves its purpose that is to help users build and enhance their poker game skills. With an overall rating of 9/10, this site has the best instructors who are in fact, legendary players of the card game. As such, we highly recommend it to anyone who would like to get started or better in poker.

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