LeggoPoker.com Review

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LeggoPoker.com Review

Currently, there are more players subscribing to poker online training sites. By this, we are witnessing more and more poker online training websites mushrooming. Such a competition is to the advantage of the players. But it can be albeit confusing if you happen to be deciding on the site to settle on.

As a relief to the majority of the poker players who are finding it hard to settle on a specific site, most poker training sites are now concentrating on a specific niche. That is exactly the tactic taken by the Leggo poker online training site. The site entirely focuses on mid stakes with no limit cash game online.

What Is LeggoPoker?

Launched in 2007 by Brooks and Tickner, LeggoPoker.com is an online platform for poker enthusiasts to access forums, coaching, both as a group or an individual, videos from experts, and information and data in regards to poker rakeback. The website has well-informed and knowledgeable experts who offer coaching such as Andrew “luckychewy” Lichtenberger, Aaron “aejones” Jones, and Peter “Apathy” Jetten.

What Are LeggoPoker Features?

Take a look at a brief description of the leggoPoker site and get to know why it is worth your investment.

LeggoPoker has an average cost of $35 on a monthly basis and new videos are posted every weekday. Further, hand players are not applicable at this platform while the core focus is Aejones, Mynameizgreg, and Luckychewy.

The video quality is extremely high, you will enjoy it. And the good news is that both downloading and streaming options are available. Its archive size is about 650 videos. Additionally, LeggoPoker has a general score of 95/100 from the PTP staff and mainly focuses on online cash games.

There is no SNG coverage as per the current coverage. As per the MTT coverage, LeggoPoker has got a lot of MTT videos.

The central aim of leggoPoker is cash coverage. A good mix of low mid stakes with no limit cash at HU, full ring, and 6 max. Another unique feature about LeggoPoker is that it has a handful of PLO videos, but this is actually too much for other non-holdem online games.

What Are the Benefits of LeggoPoker?

Here are some of the benefits I have experienced at this site, and surely I can firmly affirm that the site is worth your time. The site consists of a well-trained and much ready to assist technocrats. Its videos are well articulated, focused, and professionally made.

Consequently, LeggoPoker is working hard to make a provision of rightful resources to its community. For instance, leggoPoker offers a hand converter, a custom coaching program, and a most active program whereby the instructors can participate more often.

However, despite being too early for the development of the site, the platform seems to certainly have a clear objective on providing a more comprehensive tutoring session to its community.

Taking a look at its features, we can certainly affirm that the no limit cash is a great asset. It keeps the community discussion and videos performing towards a specific goal. By this, the site can easily offer a pool of knowledge and experience than the majority of the sites out there that offer a generalist focus.

Surprisingly there is no sign up payment.

What Are the Downsides of LeggoPoker?

Majority of the nagging issues I have with the LeggoPoker sites are mainly as a result of accumulated pain, but interestingly, the site is on a clear move on correcting them. A typical example is that LeggoPoker lacks a clear framework for effective instruction. However, sites, like the DeucesCracked and Stox, are slowly turning into sites that offer an improved curriculum. LeggoPoker meta-structure is currently evolving well.

LeggoPoker is a site that specifically targets the cash game gamblers. If you are a player and perhaps can subscribe and desire to have a broad coverage, then LeggoPoker is the site to be. Think twice about it.

Wrapping Up

If you happen to be a low to mid stake no limits cash player and apparently looking to get some greater insights from regular winners, then the LeggoPoker site will be worth your investment. Mark you, the site, as I stated earlier, is a sign up free platform. Visit the site today to quench your thirst for your much anticipated knowledge and insight for no limit cash games.

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