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Tournament Poker Edge University

Tournament Poker Edge, the premiere online MTT training site, will be launching the newest addition of their training regime; Tournament Poker Edge University. TPE U offers a step by step structure and curriculum that allows you to progress at your own pace and easily set goals that will have you crushing MTTs in no time. Each course consists of training videos, forums posts, articles and podcast episodes to serve as your go to guide to taking in all of the content that Tournament Poker Edge has to offer. TPE U will help you track what you have watched and even […]

Read the rest » Ivey Poker purchases Leggo Poker

For the past few months Phil Ivey’s poker training site has been signing pros left right and center. The world, and most notably Norman Chad, has been wondering, so where are the training videos. Well Ivey Poker took one step closer in providing a full fledged poker training program by acquiring Leggo Poker. After signing Aeron “aejones” Jones the backbone of LeggoPoker earlier this month, the industry knew something was brewing. By purchasing Leggo, they have now also added Pros such as Andrew Lichtenberger, Dan Smith, Frank Calo, Ben Sulsky , Tony Dunst, and many more. There is still […]

Read the rest » Poker Training with William Hill Poker School

The venerable bookmaker, William Hill, has a poker site that is on par with the very best. Not only does the site offer a wide range of poker games, which can be accessed with the William Hill poker download, it also offers a brilliant poker school. This is a free interactive poker tutorial that takes you through the ABC’s of the game and beyond. The first step to becoming a more professional poker player is to tune into William Hill Poker School TV. This feature is a series of crystal-clear lessons for how to play the game. You don’t have […]

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StoxPoker Review

Stoxpoker has now merged with Cardrunners. Please visit our Cardrunners review to get access to StoxPoker. All Stoxpoker videos will be on Cardrunners as of May 1, 2010.

Stoxpoker is dedicated to teaching new players how to take their game to the next level and dominate the online poker world. This passion comes from the teachers who have combined to win over $5,000,000 online in 2007. Stoxpokers features interactive quizzes, classroom format videos, and world class training videos which take Stoxpoker to the top of the online poker training wars. Stoxpoker offers a 7 day money back guarantee as well as a way to get your membership for free for signing up to a online poker site. Stoxpoker has recently merged with Cardrunners, so changes will definitely be happening. Updated structures, pricing, and all changes will be updated when finalized.

Check out StoxPoker’s videos right now Click Here

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Membership Options :

Monthly: $24.95/month with $99.95
Initiation Pre-Paid Premium: 6 months $189,
12 months $299
Registered Guest: Free

Payment Methods :

Poker Site Transfers, VISA, Paypal, Moneybookers

Videos Streaming? Downloadable? Hand Replayer? Forums


  • Nick “Stoxtrader” Grudzien
  • Bryce “Freedom 25″ Paradis
  • Kyle “Cottonseed” Hendon
  • Matt “Jacks Up” Matros
  • Collin “sngman101″ Moshman
  • Ed Miller
  • Robert “Mr. Omaha” Williamson III

Guest Pros

  • Bob “MicroBob” Rotruck
  • Sasha “Pokey” Radisich
  • Patrick “Bilbo-San” Minton
  • Brian “baleksa” Aleksa
  • Jason “code 7654321″ Ho
  • Alan “Dixon” Jackson
  • Jeremy “supreme20″ Steinhausen
  • James “SplitSuit” Sweeney
  • Felipe Mesquita
  • Ryon “7CardRyon” Nicholson
  • Dan Abrams
  • Eric Rodawig
  • Ben Kniaz
  • Reese Newell
  • Predeep Padala
  • Dmunnee

Video Variety

Ni-N-Go: 68 Videos
Classroom Series: 35 Videos
Stoxpoker University: 495 Videos
Omaha: 28 Videos
NL Holdem: 351 Videos
Limit Holdem: 72 Videos
Razz: 35 Videos
Stud: 12 Videos
Tournaments: 86 Videos
Release Schedule: No Set Schedule but between 40+ videos are released each and every month.
Notes :

Stoxpoker has one of the most well rounded repertoires of poker training videos of any training site. They have the best limit section out of all the sites as well as some great content in their Stoxpoker university videos and power point presentations (Classroom series). Stoxpoker is truly innovating how training sites provide content to its members and PTG expects huge things to continue for Stox.

Ratings :

Cash Games

NLHE – 6 Max Pro : Leatherass, Ed Miller, Stoxtrader Notes :

Stoxpoker is very solid when it comes to NLHE. They have great content for players looking to move up from the small stakes games to mid stakes.

NLHE – Full Ring Pro : Leatherass, Stoxtrader Notes :

This is a neglected area of many of the training sites and Stoxpoker is no exception

NLHE – Headsup Pro : Stoxtrader Notes :

The HU section will suffice for now. It isn’t at the top of the class but Stoxpoker has produced a few solid NL HU videos that will help students learn the game.

LHE – 6 Max Pro : Freedom25 Notes :

The Limit videos are the best in the industry. If you play limit poker you need to join stoxpoker for Bryce “freedom25″ Paradis. He is the best limit player in the world and his videos bring the highest level thinking and mathematics of any site.

Ratings :

Multi Table Tournaments (MTT)

Pro : Action Jeff, Adanthar, MKind16, RandAllin, JSchnett, Tranquil Chaos Notes :

One of the leading tournament players in the world anchor the mtt section and Matt delivers quality videos that appeal to all levels of players. The mtt section has videos of all levels from low stakes to high stakes, and even includes some university content. Key concepts include; Aggression, Bet Sizing, Calculating Odds, Check-raising, Equity, Extracting Value, Hand Ranges, Metagame, Note Taking, Playing AK, Using Information.

Ratings :

Sit-N-Go’s (SNG)

Pro : Collin “sngman101″ Moshman, Matt Matros Notes :

Collin Moshman is a SNG pro who will step up your SNG game with his high quality videos. Colin goes into in depth analysis on difficult concepts that will bring your game leaps and bounds above your competition. Collin is also switching up his videos between LAG and TAG styles to show you how both styles effect your hand to hand decisions, this enables players of all styles to relate to his videos. Key concepts include; low and high blind play, end game, heads up hand ranges, bet sizing, stealing, stealing, re-stealing, and position.

Ratings :

Other Games (Stud, Omaha, Razz, etc.)

Notes :

Robert “Mr Omaha” Williamson III allows Stoxpoker’s Omaha section to take the lead under the “other games” category in the poker training site war. His analysis of hand ranges, pre flop play, pot control makes for very informative videos. Stox has not neglected this area and it shows by the quantity of videos. This is a definite plus as NLHE becomes tougher to beat and players are looking at other games to get their edge.

Ratings :


The site’s servers have seemed slow over the week that it took to write this review. The website was down a few days but I am sure that they were just performing upgrades to their servers. It’s hard to say too much bad about Stoxpoker as they have a very well rounded site compared to other training sites.


Stoxpoker is probably the most well rounded site with top pro’s from every major game that a student would want to learn. PTG feels that they are innovating the way we as consumers receive training content by using the Stox Univerisity and Classroom approach to learning. Those two features combined are really worth the price of admission. They teach the basics in a easy to learn format and really build a solid base to move up limits. The most obvious strength is Stoxpokers’ limit hold’em section. They are by far the superior site when it comes to limit poker so if you play limit you better join Stoxpoker before your competition does! The other major strength is that they are producing more videos on a weekly basis then any other site so your value per video produced is very high compared to other training sites.

Expected Value: Is Stox Poker worth it?

This is one of the most impressive, well rounded training sites out there and will be worth your investment no matter what you play. That really is the beauty of Stox, they made themselves appeal to all players and didn’t really neglect any major category. If you join Stoxpoker you will probably end up learning and crushing a new game because the instruction is so good. Stoxpoker could add a new income stream by playing a new game and PTG thinks that is +EV.

StoxPoker Review : 9.0/10

Sample Video

Please follow the above link to the StoxPoker’s video library and choose your free sample video right from Stox Poker’s website. While your there click join and become a free member for free 3 minute demos of all Stoxpokers videos.

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