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Tournament Poker Edge University

Tournament Poker Edge, the premiere online MTT training site, will be launching the newest addition of their training regime; Tournament Poker Edge University. TPE U offers a step by step structure and curriculum that allows you to progress at your own pace and easily set goals that will have you crushing MTTs in no time. Each course consists of training videos, forums posts, articles and podcast episodes to serve as your go to guide to taking in all of the content that Tournament Poker Edge has to offer. TPE U will help you track what you have watched and even […]

Read the rest » Ivey Poker purchases Leggo Poker

For the past few months Phil Ivey’s poker training site has been signing pros left right and center. The world, and most notably Norman Chad, has been wondering, so where are the training videos. Well Ivey Poker took one step closer in providing a full fledged poker training program by acquiring Leggo Poker. After signing Aeron “aejones” Jones the backbone of LeggoPoker earlier this month, the industry knew something was brewing. By purchasing Leggo, they have now also added Pros such as Andrew Lichtenberger, Dan Smith, Frank Calo, Ben Sulsky , Tony Dunst, and many more. There is still […]

Read the rest » Poker Training with William Hill Poker School

The venerable bookmaker, William Hill, has a poker site that is on par with the very best. Not only does the site offer a wide range of poker games, which can be accessed with the William Hill poker download, it also offers a brilliant poker school. This is a free interactive poker tutorial that takes you through the ABC’s of the game and beyond. The first step to becoming a more professional poker player is to tune into William Hill Poker School TV. This feature is a series of crystal-clear lessons for how to play the game. You don’t have […]

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Bluefire Poker Review

BlueFire Poker is the newest entry into the Poker Training world. Featuring one of the world’s best cash game players (and a pretty good tournament player too) Phil “Jman / OMGClayAiken” Galfond. Playing with the other top high stake cash games via his stint on “High Stakes Poker” and following his recent WSOP bracelet win, Phil has decided to share his vast knowledge of the game we love to play to now all potential suitors. At his usual poker coaching rate of $2,000+ /hr, learning from one of the best could be a +EV decision. Please read our full Blue Fire Poker review before deciding on a poker training site. Bluefire has become a competitor of Deuces Cracked but doesn’t have as much community support on their site.

Membership Options :

Full: $29.99/month with $99 initiation
6 Months: (Signup waived) $229.99
1 Year: (Signup waived) $399.99

Payment Methods :

CreditCard, Paypal, Moneybookers

Videos Streaming? Downloadable? Hand Replayer? Forums


  • Phil “OMGClayAiken / Jman” Galfond
  • Scott “iRock” Augustine
  • Niman “Samoleus” Kenkre
  • Jason “PBJaxx” Senti
  • Martin “Giggy” Fournier Gigu?re
  • Ryan “Fees” Fees
  • Don “SoCalQuest” Nguyen

Video Variety

Heads Up: 24 Videos
Omaha: 31 Videos (Pot Limit Omaha)
NL Holdem: 112 videos
Limit Holdem: 0 Videos
Tournaments: 2 videos
Release Schedule: Current target of 5 videos released each week. Phil Galfond videos come out regularly. (46 so far)
Notes :

From first glance the dedication of this poker training site will be towards cash games. NLHE 6 max tables, NLHE and PLO Headsup tables, and PLO 6 max tables. As more videos appear, we will get a better picture of what the future holds. Most of the videos are at higher limits due to the instructors being more comfortable at the higher stakes. Cardrunners and Deuces Cracked have a better variety and quantity of videos.

Ratings :

Cash Games

NLHE – 6 Max Pro : All Notes :

Most of the cash videos are NLHE 6 max.

NLHE – Full Ring Pro : . Notes :

This is not BlueFire’s focus at this time.

NLHE – Headsup Pro : PBJaxx Fees Jman Notes :

Top notch Headsup videos.

Ratings :

Multi Table Tournaments (MTT)

Pro : . Notes :

Only 1 tournament video featuring the first round of the PLO $25k Championships with Phil Galfond vs Peter Jepsen. Very good insight here on playing HU PLO tournies.

Ratings :

Other Games (Stud, Omaha, Razz, etc.)

Notes :

Currently 11 PLO videos but the all come from arguably one of the best in the world at this game. Has knowledge and experience in this game is evident, and he converts his knowledge very well in a teaching manner. The big downside is the lack of content and not many new videos coming out.

Ratings :


Though the quality is excellent, the other condition that consumers look at before making their purchase is quantity. We are now 9 months from launch, the quantity is now matching their excellent quality. The main weakness now after the quantity has been corrected is a lack of video variety (no full ring, zero limit tables, and no tournaments or sngs). Bluefire’s focus has always been on quality of quantity so it is actually nice for a site to specialize in just a couple game types versus them all. Site navigation is poor, they need more search options and an updated design to keep up with the other training sites. They have not invested any money or time back into their site or user experience. The number of tables should be selected as a different option rather than having ie) NL 6 max 2 tables, NL 6 max 4 tables. Most readers will most likely prefer all the NL 6max tables grouped together, with the option to separate by tables separately. We hope to see some more lower limit videos so that they can appeal to a wider audience than their current audience of mid to high stakes players.


The instructors of BlueFire Poker are all excellent teachers and coaches, and this is evident in the quality of their videos. Thought processes are all translated thoroughly and “why” they act in certain situations are explained in detail. Both the audio and video quality is top notch.Phil Galfond the sites main teacher has personally made 46 videos so far and followed through on his promise to make a very high quality poker training site. There are no filler videos here, all top quality content and worth the small price of admission. Blue Fire Poker’s other huge strength is their Pot Limit Omaha videos. Phil Galfond and Socalquest have produced over 30 quality PLO video so users can expand into the ever growing PLO games.

Expected Value: Is Blue Fire Poker worth it?

As a late entry to the poker training world, it is a tough chore to break through without a bang. Well Bluefire poker has its bang, and his name is Phil Galfond. One of the most popular players and probably one of the top coaching desires, he definitely brings it on video. But this is not only the Phil Galfond show. The rest of the instructors are all notableh pros, and now video coaches. They all do a great job as instructors and things could be bright with some tweaks. Blue Fire poker has become a bit stagnant, and we feel that they missed an opportunity to invest into their site and customers to really grow their brand. At the end of the day they are pointing towards a middle of the road training site. We really had high hopes from BFP but they haven’t hit them over the past 6 months.

Sample Video

Please follow the link to the BlueFire Poker and signup for a free account.

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